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Our Mission | Philosophy

MK Pure Diamond Events is a full service company. We can design, create, plan, help you budget your event personal or professional. Our meeting or event planning services are designed to help you succeed. We believe in our clients sucess begins with making a plan of exactly what you want to accomplish at for your wedding, celebration or business. 

We planned: Weddings, Events, Business Meetings, Celebrations Events, such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christianings, Baptisms, Barmitza, Batmizas and other fundraisers for corporations and privately owned non-profits. Our typical client is a person just like yourself who is looking for assistance in planning a day that is worth remembering in their lifes.  Our prices normally range between 10-20% of your budget, which is Industry set standard for San Diego Event Planner.   Our goal of succeeding by providing a great service to our clients is what we are known for. We feel that we succeed when our clients | customers succeed.  Our clients can purchase the whole planning process from beginning to end or just partical packages that are just for them. 


Serving : San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties


Services Can Include..

Venue & Location

Design & Decor

Budget Consulting



Meeting Planning Services Offered 

Venue and Location: Helping you find the right place for your event, cost, venue decor match yours. Making your board meeting, seminar or corporate celebration the best it can be.


Design and Decor: Venue decor, Design and decorations that are fitting of your theme or supplies necessary to run a good meeting / seminar.


Budget Counseling:  You would be surprised how often a business or person comes to us as says I want this for x amount of money.  When the reality is different.  We help keep your reality and budget in check.


Planning:   Planning is where it all begins.  From the beginning to the end. We assist in the reality. There is not one thing that happens in business unless it is planned. We can help you plan all of your event or just consult you as you plan it.


Organization: That is what we are about helping you stay organized. Running a business meeting or event has a certain order to it and we are here to help you find what is right for your day. 


Team Building:  Building a team can be difficult. We offer verity of programs for any business or company to help build a team of employees that believe not only in your company, it's mission and working together to create a better future for both your business and your company. Fun Events, Philanthropic, Treasure Hunt, Large Groups Events, Team Building in Your City.  


Professional Speaker:    Maria Kamon can hired to speak on several subject, please use the contact us form for more details.  Her first book "PlaceSettings can be purchased at Want a different professional speaker? No worries we work alongside (NSA) National Speakers Association.



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