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Diamond Glamour Girls. You can find the fun gossip moments

Okay, maybe their are more like stories about womanhood, christianity and the good and not so good of trying to be good. 


Maria Kamon

Maria P. Garica-Kamon a graduate from California State University, Long Beach and California State University, San Marcos, she has a bachelors degree and she is a certificated Meeting and Event Planner. She has worked in the field for over 30 years starting with planning preschools and church to Membership and Marketing Director for the YMCA. She has planned fundraisers, meetings, galas, grand openings, business launches, business meetings, seminars, graduation parties, baby showers, wedding showers, weddings, anniversaries and personal celebrations for children and adults.  Her personal favorite is the event where the client feels they had a wonderful worry free time, that is service to me.


Maria has been asked to speak at Long Beach City College, Woman's Seminar, Bible Studies, local high schools and her personal favorite is when she gets to return and speak at California State University, San Marcos and talk about the impact the program had on her life. Inspiring people to run better business.  The most fun (only because she got people to laugh) was BabiesRUs. Her business is her gift and she never takes it for granted.   Maria was on the CSUSM Advisory Committee for the Meeting and Event Planning Certification committee.

Knowing that the event business has its ups and downs but God always provides for His people. Maria has had several articles written about her in Fine Magazine, San Diego Union Tribune, North County Times, Encinitas First and the Coastal News. She has sat on man Boards of Directors, Encinitas School District, Chamber of Commerce, San Marcos Event Planning Board, YMCA Board of Executives, North City Presbyterian Church, to name a few. She hopes to write a book someday. She would like it to be a devotional to inspire woman who have been abused. Maria has personally has experience with it in her youth.  Currently, the are posted on her blog page.


Her favorite verse is Jer. 17:1; Jer 29:11. One of the favorite that was given to her when her children were young Psalm 34:10." Isn't it a good to think the Lord would not let you lack any good thing. Including food, clothing, money, housing.  All the things He has promised His people."  Palm 34:10  Thank You!  Luke


May the peace that passes all understanding be with you my son, Dustin Kamon and to all those that know you, that you helped and those you worshiped with, who called you friend, lover family.  I love you, Mom

September 25, 1987-November 12, 2014




"Authorized Elegance by Carbonneau Retailer".

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