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Call MK Pure Diamond Events at:

(619) 549-1656


MK Pure Diamond Events Exclusive Planning & Event Services strives to have the highest level of integrity. We are representing you. Each event is important in the lives of those we represent, therefore they should be treated with respect.

We get asked to promote other business in our field this is our way of solving that request. Your investment in MK Pure Diamond Events, PR means we can represent you in the quality of your ad purchased. Help us help you by registering your business by becoming a vendor on our list. Companies / Brides  that contact us use this as a reference. Eac person is required to sign in before visiting the vendor sites. Either our clients will call you or we will representing them.  They will be able to contact you directly or leave their information and we will send you the lead. Please make sure you are a registered business with your state.


For Free Ads: Download the contract. Note this you have two options.

1. Download print and mail us the contract. (E-signitures are for "Free" ad only). Paid Ad's will be emailed an E-signiture contract with more options. 

2. Choose an ad. Pay for the ad, we will send you an e-contract for you to sign and a reciept.


Paid ads contracts are emailed to you. It is identical to the free ad, however the terms of payment are written in.


Benifites of Placing an Ad With MKPDE's.  (click link)



Become a Sponsored Vendor 

If you are having any problems with downloading this contract. Please contact us by: Email at: Phone call (619) 549-1656.  One will be email it to you.  Montly payment choices are invoiced.  Thank You!

Sample Vendor Contract

Emailed with terms purchased on "Buy Now" Sample Contract on "Contract Download" Button


Send us Business Name, Your Name and Address. We will list it under the category you choose. Please use the contact us form and sign the contract. (Please note Free Listing no longer includes website address or phone number )

$53.50 / month or $642.00 / year
Name, phone number, email connection, address, logo, website link, photos displayed in gallery with business name on it. 
Two categories



$26.75 / month or  $ 321.00 / year
Name, phone number, email showing, address, logo



$ 80.00 / month or $964.00 / year
Name, phone number, email connection, address, logo, website link, One event photo on home page with your business name on it. Other photos displayed in gallery, with business name on it.  
Business Name listed on monthly email.s. Lead sent to you first. Three categories you would like to be listed under.

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