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                Fire Water Salt Fundraiser

Fire Water Salt Fundraiser is for "His" (God's) people affect by the fires of May 15, 2015. "The fires affected our friends, our neighbors and will affect our children until the community is rebuild." reported on this mornings news. What better way to "Shout! Thank you! for the lives saved then to help rebuild. 


Kimberly Hunt Twitted: Official: San Diego area has had 11 fires with nearly 20,000 acres burned; 6 fires 100% contained- @SanDiegoCounty 


The fires may be extinguished the lives go on to rebuild after the fires. Some can labor with their hands, others with tools and yet others with their gifts Maria Kamon's gifts is organization, leadership. Let us help each other, "so the workmen labored, and the work was completed by them; they restored the house of God to its original condition and reinforced it." II Chronicles 24:13  


I too have suffer losses I do not understand. You can read about this on 



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When I hurt the best thing I can think to do is help those that hurt. Affected by things I could not control, I understand the pain of those devastated by the fires. Who can answer the questions of why this house and not that one? Why I have to suffer? All we can do is help each other through. In attempting to answer these questions for myself, I felt lead to help those with the same questions. 


Please consider donating! All funds raised minus a 15% (fifteen) processing fee and 5% administrative  fee for a total of 20% (twenty percent) will go towards those affected by fires. 


All donations are tax-deductible and you will receive a receipt. 


Accepting donations of $25.oo, larger donations also accepted please email me at or call MKPDE at (619) 549-1656 the pay pal button will only allow this amount, however I can send an invoiced receipt or you can click on the button several times.  My apology for the inconvenience. 


Tax ID #20-4244427

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