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MK Pure Diamond Events is a Meeting, Wedding, Event planning business. However, when social media became a big thing with YouTube, Facebook, Tweet, Instagram, and the list goes on. We received an enormous amount of phone calls for social ideas. Willing to help others we began to share these ideas for free. Today we decided that we should make this a little more formal and post it on our webpage. Hoping that the balance between social request and business balances out. 

Decorated Event Table


Our mission is to balance the request for social advice for events with weddings, meetings, events. We like to be able to offer those who hire and pay MK Pure Diamond Events the opportunity to plan an event that will help boost following and media for their business. 



Our business is able to help you no only with the planning of your wedding, business meeting, or events. We'd like to explain this into an experience and opportunity to brand your business socially. Making the experience into a reality and help you grow your brand whether you a business, Youtuber, or just planning a wedding or anniversary. MK Pure Diamond Events will try to take you to the next level. 

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