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Participant Requirement:

1.  Business 

2. Willing to place a collection box in business.

3. Willing to talk about why you are collecting for           children.

Drop-off Points

Call to find out nearest location.

Bear Court

(Exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Code is in progress of filing)


Will you help me? My parents have me in court.


Donate a new game or new stuffed bear or animal to a good cause. Items you think a child 0-18 years of age would be interested in having a conversation with a counselor with. The items donated will be given to children who's parents are in court for divorce. These children did not choose to be in court they are either waiting for their parents in the divorce process or other court issues. The items are donated to social workers and local police to help children. Currently, we are working with the North County San Diego California Court also known as the "Vista Court".


Item's Must be "New".


Item's can be mailed to PO Box 231891, Encinitas, CA or you can call Maria Kamon and she will make arangements to pick them up. 




Local Business


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